NPCs & Villains

July 25, 2022

I've been spending more time drawing and painting over the last few weeks, mostly working on an NPC (non-player character) portraits and scenes for a little D&D project. I've also drawn a few with a sketchier vibe, with a dash of surreal thrown in. 

Another concept for my NPC art project, and of course when this guy walks into your tavern at the edge of town on a Sunday evening, your third question might be "What'll you have?" but your first and second questions are definitely going to be "is that a femur, a thigh bone--from what? Where the hell did you get that?"

And the Marsh Guide / Hunter. You might want him around when you're venturing into the swamps and lowlands, even if it's just for a red-fly infestation ointment recipe and battle tactics against mud-tusks. About 4 hours in ArtRage and PSCC2022.


Just a creative human with a pen and a paint brush. More here: