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Seaborn Books by Chris Howard

The Seaborn Series

Book 1 - Saltwater Witch

Book 2 - Seaborn

Book 3 - Sea Throne

The Salvage Series

Book 1 - Salvage

Book 2 - Salvage - Autonomous

Winterdim - A Seaborn Novel



Short Stories and Collections

The Wine of Ravens

Lost Dogs and Fireplace Archaeology

Tinsel Tide

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Chris Howard is just a creative guy with a pen and a paint brush, author of Seaborn (Juno Books, 2008), Salvage (Masque/Prime Books, 2013), Nanowhere (Lykeion, 2005), and a shelf-full of other books. His short stories and essays have appeared in various zines and anthologies, including “Lost Dogs and Fireplace Archeology” in Fantasy Magazine and “How to Build Worlds Without Becoming the Minister for Tourism” in Now Write! Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror (Penguin, 2014). His story "The Mermaid Game" appeared in the Paula Guran edited anthology Mermaids and Other Mysteries of the Deep (Prime, 2015), and “Hammers and Snails” was a Robert A. Heinlein Centennial Short Fiction Contest winner. Chris writes and illustrates the comic Saltwater Witch. His art has appeared on dozens of book covers, in Shimmer, BuzzyMag, various RPGs, and on the pages of books, blogs, and other interesting places. Find out more here:

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