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Cover Art & Design Availability: commissions closed.

What I do:
Digital painting and illustration, watercolors, photo-manipulation. I work in several different styles. See examples below. Contact me with questions: chrishoward.author@gmail.com

Here's what I deliver:
● Concept sketch with ideas and notes
● Three or four variations of the final art with titles and cover design
● Cover Art with titles in layered PSD (8.5 x 5.5 in. @ 300dpi)
● Cover Art no titles in PSD--just the art
● Cover flattened PNG 1280px high
● Cover flattened JPG 1280px high (ebook cover)
● Titles and Author name only in PSD

Here are the license terms for all commissioned work I create:
You get to use the art and design for ebook and print edition covers, book interior illustration, as well as promotional use—and this is in perpetuity for all editions of the book, including a series in which this book is a part. You don’t need to come back to me five years from now for licensing because you’ve decided to release a new edition, or you want to use the art to kick off a promotion for the seventh book in the series. I do require attribution. This is a non-exclusive license, but I won’t use the art for any other fiction book cover. Typically I will post the art in my online portfolio, and I may have prints made for art shows, conventions, portfolios, and other promotional works.

Commissioned front covers run $500 - $700 USD depending on the complexity of the composition. Full covers (Trade Paper and Hardcover - front, spine, back, flaps) start at $600 USD.

I also post art and about availability on G+ and Facebook--friend me!

Check out some of my work here:
My Portfolio
Seaborn Scroll

Example Cover Art