We are all Seaborn.
All life began in the Ocean.
The tides, the salt, the rolling waves
are in our souls,
and the sea will always have
the power to call us home.

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Official home of Chris Howard, author of Seaborn, Salvage, Nanowhere, Teller, and a bunch of other books, stories, and essays—published through Juno Books, Masque Books, Prime Books, Penguin/Random House, and others. I'm mainly a writer, but I also run a studio called Lykeion where I illustrate books and comics, paint cover art for books, working with individual authors and publishing houses. See my about page for more.




I work in digital, watercolors, ink, charcoals, and other traditional media. Click the PORTFOLIO link to see more examples. Click the COMMISSIONS link at the bottom of the page for commissioned book cover art information.